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Israel Nash bestulen
Datum: 2014-05-05

Israel Nash drabbades av ett bilinbrott i Göteborg i helgen och går därför ut med följande meddelande:

After wrapping up an awesome run in Scandinavia, we stopped into one of our favorite stores in Gothenburg. Little did we know, while getting outfitted with new jeans by the amazingly generous Nudie Jeans Co store, our van was broken into. We lost 4 passports, laptops, electronics and cash totaling over $15,000. These losses are huge for a touring band working on the road night after night so far away from home. We do have our health, the spirit of brotherhood, and the purpose and passion to move forward through life and art. There is promise in tomorrow. Come see a show and say hi to us as we continue touring across Germany, Holland, and Belgium . The energy and support of our fans have taken us on a wonderful ride that I’m thankful to be on. We also have a donation link below to help the tour and this incredible band out.

See you all on the road!


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