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Tom Russell i norskt blåsväder
Datum: 2013-04-29

För ganska precis ett år sedan gjorde Tom Russel en konsert i Halden med Det Norske Blåseensemble. Konserten spelades in och släpps i maj på CD:n »Aztec Jazz«.

Tom Russell berättar om »Aztec Jazz«:

- In May of 2012 Thad Beckman and I performed and recorded a live concert with the Norwegian Wind Ensemble. This is a world renown 31 piece horn orchestra….the results were beyond our dreams. Sometimes it sounded like Western movie music and sometimes it called up Miles Davis' »Sketches of Spain.« They played behind us without overpowering the songs, and I think my singing is far better than my vocals on the original recorded tracks….These are all new arrangements with charts by the famed Swede Mats Halling. I think this record takes Americana to a new place (at least for me!)

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