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Iris Dement lenge ventede plate
Datum: 2012-07-02

Den amerikanske sangerinnen/ låtskriveren Iris DeMent var i Norge og Drammen for et svært sjeldent konsertbesøk for noen uker siden.

I den forbindelse kom også nyheten om at DeMent var klar med sitt første album med originalsanger på seksten år.
»Sing the Delta« kommer på Floriella-labelen 2. oktober og inneholder følgende sanger:

1. Go Ahead And Go Home
2. Before The Colors Fade
3. The Kingdom Has Already Come
4. The Night I Learned How Not To Pray
5. Sing The Delta
6. If That Ain't Love
7. Livin' On The Inside
8. Makin' My Way Back Home
9. Mornin' Glory
10. There's A Whole Lotta Heaven
11. Mama Was Always Tellin' Her Truth
12. Out Of The Fire

Her beskriver Iris tilblivelsen av tittelkuttet:

»I was driving around out here on one of these gravel roads where I live, when the phone rang and it was my stepdaughter Pieta Brown telling me she was on her way down south to mix a record she'd just recorded. My mom was sick at the time... a lot was going on. Mom was born and raised, spent most her life, in the part of the country known as the Arkansas Delta. I have a lot of memories and emotions tied up with that place and I just got so lonesome thinking about it. I wanted to point my car south and return to something, someplace, that in my mind, had always symbolized home. I just started singing to make myself feel better, and out came that song, although, it originally had a very Carter Family kind of a melody and feel. Weeks later when I sat down to revisit it, it came tumbling out just as it is now. Very different but with the same heart. It comforts me every time I sing it. All that I love that seems far away comes back home to me.«

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