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Dave Alvin utvider
Datum: 2012-04-19

Flere kritikere mente at fjorårets Dave Alvin-abum, »Eleven Eleven«, er mannens beste. Er du blant dem som deler denne oppfatningen vil du like å vite at det 15.mai kommer en utvidet versjon av plata, »Eleven Eleven Expanded Edition« (yep rock).

Her er en intro fra Alvin selv, samt detaljert info om innholdet:

»Starting in May 2011, my great band, The Guilty Ones and I hit the highways blasting and rocking our blues in every bar, theatre and joint that we could get into across America. Some of 'em we even hit twice! As you might guess, I love playing with this band and I think it shows in the live performance that was recorded last summer (2011) at The Ark in Ann Arbor. We were in Cincinnati the night before we taped this show, and we were in Chicago the night after, so this is a document of one night (mistakes, sweat and all) traveling down the endless interstate. I'm happy to be able to release this to you on DVD in a new swanky package of Eleven Eleven (expanded edition), complete with three previously unreleased songs from that album's sessions. I hope you enjoy the music and I look forward to seeing you soon somewhere down the road.« - Dave Alvin Along with Dave, we too at Yep Roc are happy to announce the release of Eleven Eleven Expanded Edition. »But what could be better than Eleven Eleven?« you may ask. Well, try on these boots: The new limited edition Dave Alvin Eleven Eleven Expanded Edition will be packaged in a unique slip case hardcover box and will include:

Eleven Eleven Expanded Edition Track Listing

Eleven Eleven Original 1. Harlan County Line 2. Johnny Ace Is Dead 3. Black Rose Of Texas 4. Gary, Indiana 1959 5. Run Conejo Run 6. No Worries Mija 7. What's Up With Your Brother 8. Murrietta's Head 9. Manzanita 10. Dirty Nightgown 11. Two Lucky Bums

Eleven Eleven Live CD 1. Harlan County Line 2. Boss of the Blues 3. Long White Cadillac 4. Rio Grande 5. Johnny Ace is Dead 6. Out of Control 7. Dry River 8. Run Conejo Run 9. Fourth of July * 9 songs recorded live on the official Eleven Eleven US Tour at the Ark in Ann Arbor, MI on July 2, 2011

Eleven Eleven Bonus Tracks CD *A bonus CD including 3 unreleased bonus tracks from the original Eleven Eleven recording session, including »Never Trust A Woman,« »Signal Hill,« and »Beautiful City 'Cross the River« which was featured on a recent episode of FX's hit television show »Justified«

Eleven Eleven Live DVD 1. Harlan County Line 2. Boss of the Blues 3. Long White Cadillac 4. Rio Grande 5. Johnny Ace is Dead 6. Abilene 7. Out of Control 8. Dry River 9. Run Conejo Run 10. Fourth of July *A DVD [NTSC] of live performance footage featuring Dave Alvin and The Guilty Ones live at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI including a live performance of »Abilene«

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