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Mellencamps musikk mellom to permer
Datum: 2010-06-15

Mens vi venter på John Mellencamps kommende T-Bone Burnett-produserte plate,»No better than this« (ute 2. august), kan vi reflektere over at mannen også har sluppet en ny 4-CD antologi, »On the Rural Route 7609« (der 7609 angir tidsrammen 1976-2009).
Vi stjeler postordrefirmaet Village Records beskrivelse av antlogien:

»Ok, work with me here, this is complicated. This four disc set with accompanying book is a limited edition set that Mellencamp has compiled and edited as a snapshot of his thirty year plus career. This is not a box of his hits, nor is it a set of all unreleased material either. It’s a hybrid of the two sequenced by Mellencamp himself so that each disc would have a central theme and stand apart on its own. Mixing songs you’ve heard, but possibly not the version included here, with unreleased songs that fit the theme this plays more like a visual and audio history of this country as much as his career. The lavish seventy-two page book with complete liner notes and rare photos make this a coffee table book that you’ll want to keep your eye on.«

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