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Mary Gauthiers "The Foundling" hyllas
Datum: 2010-05-17

Mary Gauthiers nya album »The Foundling« hyllas inte bara här på Rootsy (se Staffan Soldings recension här. Den internationella musikpressen ger Staffan Solding helt rätt.

“Gauthier’s new CD, “The Foundling” is the product of two years work, and is quite simply the best collection of songs she’s ever recorded. With ‘The Foundling’, Mary Gauthier has created her first masterpiece. Not for the easily frightened, it is the most raw, brave and ultimately satisfying album I’ve heard in a very long time. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. ”-No Depression

“Not since Lennon howled “Mother” have there been songs as naked and fraught as “Mama Here, Mama Gone” and “March 11, 1962». 5 stars UNCUT Magazine

“With a voice like a grazed hawk, she sings bluesy Southern Gothic tales…Whatever you are doing I guarantee you’ll stop and listen to every word.” 4 Stars MOJO Magazine

“Without question, The Foundling is one of the most brilliant and heartbreaking pieces of music you will hear this year or any year.” 5 Stars The Sun

«The Foundling" släpps onsdagen den 19 maj.

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