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Gretchen Peters spesielle antologi
Datum: 2009-11-30

Den amerikanske sangerinnen/ låtskriveren Gretchen Peters er blitt kjent på våre breddegrader for sitt samarbeid med Tom Russell på en rekke plater.

Nå har Peters sluppet en antologi, »Circus Girl: The best of«, som finnes i en svært begrenset utgave som dobbeldisc, i bokinbinding.

Her er hva postordreselskapet skriver om godbiten:

»Limited edition of 500, packed in a beautiful casebound book. Each set is numbered and consists of two discs and an expanded booklet. Disc One is a collection of songs from 1996’s The Secret Of Life through 2007’s Burnt Toast & Offerings; Disc Two contains a handpicked collection of rarities – very early recordings & interviews, demos, work tapes, live tracks and one-off recordings. Otherwise only available at and at shows.
Don't forget to order Gretchen's Holiday collection too.«

Track Listing Disc 1
1. Circus Girl
2. The Aviator’s Song
3. Sunday Morning (Up And Down My Street)
4. The Secret Of Life
5. If Heaven
6. On A Bus To St. Cloud
7. In A Perfect World
8. This Town
9. Picasso And Me
10. When You Are Old
11. Independence Day
12. Tomorrow Morning
13. The Way You Move Me
14. Don’t You Know (bonus track)
15. Nobody’s Girl (bonus track)

Track Listing Disc 2
1. First Radio Interview, KBCO Boulder (1977)
2. Black Eyed Susan – home cassette (1978)
3. Out To Sea – demo (1989)
4. Ships – demo (1992)
5. Circus Girl – work tape (1993)
6. You Don’t Even Know Who I Am (demo (1993)
7. Let That Pony Run – acoustic “cassingle” version (1996)
8. If I Could Just Get Over You – live from the Bluebird Cafe (1996)
9. Die Young – live from Green’s Grocery (1996)
10. Closing Time – live from King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut (1997)
11. Beloved Enemy – live from Caffe Milano (1998)
12. Tattoo – demo (2001)
13. Breakfast At Our House – work tape (2005)
14. Jezebel – work tape (2006)
15. Jesus On My Dashboard – work tape (2007)
16. Mother (for Mother Jones) – master (2008)

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