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Greg Trooper fra arkivet
Datum: 2009-09-21

6. oktober er det endelig klart for utgivelsen av »The Williamsburg Affair«, en uutgitt plate fra den amerikanske sangeren/ låtskriveren Greg Trooper.

Her er postordreselskapets Village Records omtale av plata:

This collection of previously unreleased material sounds as exciting and fresh today as it did when it was recorded in the spring on 1995. Back then producer Eric »Roscoe« Ambel brought Trooper and his touring band into a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and together they fired through a host of Trooper songs and one Neil Young song in four days. The result was a live and passionate recording session of songs ranging from blue-eyed soul searching (Stronger All The Time) to full tilt blues rock (Paradise). After recording the record, Trooper moved from New York to Nashville and began a new project which left The Williamsburg Affair unmixed and unmastered… until now!!

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