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Sam Baker kan treffe deg med musikken sin
Datum: 2009-07-23

Det hender at savner engasjement FOR musikken i dagens altutslettende flom av lyd fra alle kanter.

Derfor tar vi oss friheten å gjengi hva innkjøperen på det amerikanske postordrefirmaet Village Records skriver om det kommende albumet til Texas sanger/ låtskriveren Sam Baker, »Cotton« (Music Road records), som slippes 25. august;

»Not too many discs have me hanging around the mail box waiting for their arrival, but new music from Sam Baker is cause to pitch a tent by the roadside. This all new recording completes the cycle that started with 2004’s “Mercy,” and 2007’s “Pretty World.” While not impossible to tell where one starts and the other ends, they are still connected works that showcase what a great lyricist must do and that’s show us the world from a side we’ve missed or might have never imagined. Baker does both on “Cotton.” Even though this is being released at the end of summer its power will be more fully realized with the coming of Fall. The autumnal feeling of this one is like that first time of the season when you realize you need a coat. The closing track “Snow” is possibly the best observation of Winter settling on a town you’re likely to hear. Certainly not the perfect album for parties, but the perfect album after everyone has left and you’ve decided you’re going to have one more and not clean up until the next day. Maybe.«

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