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Richard Thompson har mye å se tilbake på
Datum: 2009-07-06

Den engelske gitaristen/ sangeren Richard Thompson feires med en 4 CDs antologi 10. august.
»Walking on a Wire: Richard Thompson 1968-2009« strekker seg altså over fire tiår, med start ved Fairport Convention.
Her er sanglista:

01Time Will Show The Wiser - Fairport Convention
02Meet On The Ledge - Fairport Convention
03Genesis Hall - Fairport Convention
04Crazy Man Michael - Fairport Convention
05Sloth - Fairport Convention
06Roll Over Vaughn Williams
07The Poor Ditching Boy
08The Angels Took My Racehorse Away
09The Great Valerio - Richard & Linda Thompson
10When I Get To The Border - Richard & Linda Thompson
11Withered And Died - Richard & Linda Thompson
12I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight - Richard & Linda Thompson
13Down Where The Drunkards Roll - Richard & Linda Thompson
14The Calvary Cross - Richard & Linda Thompson
15I´ll Regret It All In The Morning - Richard & Linda Thompson
16Old Man Inside A Young Man - Richard & Linda Thompson
17For Shame Of Doing Wrong - Richard & Linda Thompson
18Night Comes In - Richard & Linda Thompson

01Dimming Of The Day/Dargai - Richard & Linda Thompson
02A Heart Needs A Home - Richard & Linda Thompson
03Don´t Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart - Richard & Linda Thompson
04Strange Affair -Richard & Linda Thompson
05Sunnyvista - Richard & Linda Thompson
06Sisters - Richard & Linda Thompson
07Rockin´ In Rhythm
08Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed - Richard & Linda Thompson
09Man In Need - Richard & Linda Thompson
10Shoot Out The Lights - Richard & Linda Thompson
11Wall Of Death - Richard & Linda Thompson
12Walking On A Wire - Richard & Linda Thompson
13Tear Stained Letter
14How I Wanted To
15Hand Of Kindness
16Beat The Retreat (Live)
17I Ain´t Going To Drag My Feet No More Across A Crowded Room

01Little Blue Number
02She Twists The Knife Again
04Turning Of The Tide
05I Still Dream
06Waltzing´s For Dreamers
07Read About Love
08I Feel So Good
09I Misunderstood
101952 Vincent Black Lightning
11Put Your Trust In Me
12From Galway To Graceland (Live)
13I Can´t Wake Up To Save My Life
15Mingus Eyes
17Taking My Business Elsewhere
18King Of Bohemia
19Don´t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me (Live) - Richard Thompson with Danny Thompson
20Razor Dance

01Hide It Away
02Last Shift - Richard Thompson & Danny Thompson
03Big Chimney - Richard Thompson & Danny Thompson
04Lotteryland - Richard Thompson & Danny Thompson
05Persuasion (Live) - Richard Thompson
06Cooksferry Queen
07Bathsheba Smiles
08Hard On Me (Live)
09Gethsemane The Old Kit Bag
10A Love You Can´t Survive
11A Legal Matter (Live)
12Main Title From Grizzly Man
13Al Bowlly´s In Heaven (Live)
14I´ll Never Give It Up
15Dad´s Gonna Kill Me
16She Sang Angels To Rest

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