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Nomads live i ´77 på DVD
Datum: 2008-02-26

Det svenske garasjebandet The Nomads nyter stor internasjonal respekt for sin grisete rock. Det kommer tydelig frem av denne teksten hentet fra postordrefirmaet Miles of Musics omatle av en ny konsert-DVD med de svenske fuzz-rockerne;

Double sided DVD plays NTSC on one side, PAL format on the other. The indestructible kings of European garage rock, shot live at the Gruta77 in Madrid, plus bonus material. This DVD celebrates 25 years on the road with the indestructible kings of European garage music. Extras include 2 videoclips, 4 songs shot in 1985, 2 songs shot in Seattle`s grunge club The Croc in 1994, and 4 songs from 1999 at Gothenburg and USA`s NW. Also included is a complete discography and photo gallery. A total of 31 songs are included.
Track Listing/Features: Can`t Keep a Bad Man Down, Don`t Pull My Strings, Ain`t Yet Dead, I`m Out of It, Bad Vibes, I`ve Seen Better, Ain`t No King of Rock `N` Roll, Bangkok, I`m Five Years Ahead Of My Time, Where the Wolf Bane Blooms, Real Gone Lover, Knowledge comes With Death`s Release, Top Alcohol. Wasn`t born To Work, House Of Cards, Don`t Tread On Me, Call Of Your Dogs, Rat Fink A Boo Boo, Two Headed Dog. (Munster)

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