Kane, Candye
(Antone´s Records)

Pris: 69 SEK

Candye Kane’s career in the Blues circuit has proven her to be one of the strongest voices to emerge in the early nineties. Over the years, steady touring activities and seven albums up to now she impressed hords of Blues aficionados all over the world. An updated version of Bessie Smith with a wicked sense of humor and a gleefully omnisexual persona, Candye Kane and her backup band the Swingin' Armadillos aren't just a novelty act, but a sassy, smart, and always-entertaining mix of sex, showbiz, and swing. If her first album, »Home Cookin'«, was a country-flavored recipe of Kane's original compositions, »Knockout« puts her voice in the company of such songwriters as Isaac Hayes & David Porter, Lowell George & Van Dyke Parks, Bob Dylan, Rickie Lee Jones, and Jack Tempchin, while a heart-achey duet with Beat Farmer Joey Harris on »There's Nobody Home« and a trip to her old turf in the atmospheric, autobiographical »Sharktown« are classic Kane. So the next time someone starts talking about notorious women, let 'em hear “Knockout”: it's a party that never ends.

1. I'm On A BenderLyssna
2. Bigger And BetterLyssna
3. Watching The River FlowLyssna
4. The Blues I Feel For YouLyssna
5. SharktownLyssna
6. Cheek To Cheek
7. We Can Love
8. Call Me
9. Easy Money
10. There's Nobody Home
11. Get It Over Baby
12. Bonus Track

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