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The Kennedys simultaneously break new ground for themselves and return to their first loves on this unusual recording. Featuring all new material that sports throw-back sounds to '60s, '70s, and early '80s pop, this is a gem of a find for anyone who's a fan of true pop music. From Beach Boys-like harmonies to Beatlesesque guitar sounds, this percussion-driven music will sound like something you might have heard on any pop radio station in the mid-'70s, except it has that distinctive stamp that only Pete and Maura Kennedy can give it. Evolver continues their tradition of presenting intelligent pop that hides its dark core under a fine coating of cotton candy. »Keep the Place Clean« features a not uncreepy stalker who has been following a woman around while she runs her errands, fantasizing that he could lure her into staying with him and cleaning his house. »Never Learn« sounds like a love song, but ends ambiguously. The sweet, clear vocals of Maura Kennedy keep everything subversively happy and the band plays along as a well balanced, fluid unit.

1. Pick You UpLyssna
2. Keep The Place CleanLyssna
3. Good Morning GroovyLyssna
4. Never LearnLyssna
5. The Girl With The Blonde EyeLyssna
6. Free
7. Mr. Lucky Man
8. Put Your Mind
9. Can't Kill Hope With A Gun
10. Here Without You
11. World Away
12. If I Weep
13. Down Down Down
14. Strangers
15. Bonus Track 1

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