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Wake The Monster
(Fassberg & Osterlind Music)

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Furnace is a duo from Malmö, Sweden and their heavily distorted fuzz bass and driving drums will treat you to some dark, quirky, rule-breaking bombastic groove.

It started out as an experiment, and even if the sound now has solidified, the experimental streak will always remain, and you will never quite know what kind of songs or sounds to expect…
Though punk rockers at heart, Malin Franzén (former guitarist of Serial Cynic) switches her drum kit for a bodrhán or orchestral toms in some songs, sampling and effects are used in others, and every now and then Jesper Lindgren (former guitarist and singer of Mermaids and Rebel Rejects) ditches the bass and picks up the guitar again.

This makes Furnace hard to put in a genre, but inspiration has definitely been drawn from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Hammerhead, Kyuss, Shellac and Pulled Apart by Horses, to name a few.

The Furnace members also share a love for old classic 60’ties horror movies, which has a tendency to creep into the sound and graphics.

“Wake the Monster” is recorded, mixed and mastered by Staffan Österlind, and is Furnace’s debut album. In the autumn of 2017 it will also be released on vinyl and include a bonus track that’s not on the digital release.

1. Hin Håle
2. Double Murder
3. Flying Monkeys
4. Dig Two Graves
5. Snakehead
6. Six Finger Country

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