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Rouse, Josh
The Smooth Sounds Of

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The title alone--The Smooth Sounds of Josh Rouse--might suggest, wrongly, that singer-songwriter Josh Rouse is just another slacker musician with an ironic, mocking sense of humor. Rouse, who was 31 at the time of this 2003 live recording, may or may not in fact be a slacker, but the Nebraska-born, Nashville-based artist's sounds really are smooth, making for a very pleasant ride throughout this DVD/CD hybrid package (the concert DVD and accompanying documentary are each about an hour long; the audio-only Rarities CD runs about 45 minutes). Drawing primarily from his '03 1972 CD, Rouse and band play a set that could easily (and apparently intentionally) fit nicely into that year, when the likes of Carole King and James Taylor were in their primes. This is music that's neither lightweight nor especially exciting--titles like »Sunshine,« »Love Vibration,« and »Feeling No Pain« offer a clue--with nice, hummable melodies delivered by a singer with a decent if unexceptional voice (Rouse also has a likeable enough stage manner, but comments like »How you feelin'? You feelin' good?« don't do much to support the DVD liner notes' contention that he is »a superb entertainer«). Somewhat faint praise, perhaps, but you could do a whole lot worse than spend an evening in Josh Rouse's company. --Sam Graham

Product Description:

The Smooth Sounds Of Josh Rouse DVD and CD package is the follow-up to Josh¹s incredible 1972 album. The DVD is a full-length live show, capturing Josh Rouse and band in the midst of his massive 1972 world tour, and highlights songs from the beloved 1972 album alongside classics from his earlier releases. Included on the DVD is a documentary, ³The Many Moods Of Josh Rouse² featuring interviews with Josh, his band and peers from other acclaimed musical acts artists and producers. Also, there is a full album's worth of rare and previously unreleased Josh Rouse music included on a separate CD, hand-selected from his personal cupboard of recordings by Josh himself. What more could you ask for?

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