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Friedman, Kinky
Live From Austin Texas (2007)

Pris: 179 SEK

Amerlia Earhart's Last Flight
Rapid City, South Dakota
Homo Erectus
Men's Room L.A.
Highway Café
Wild Man From Borneo
Carryin' The Torch
Miss Nickelodian
Lover Please
Rock 'n' Roll Across The U.S.A
Mama Baby Mama
Arsehole From El Paso
They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus A
Ride 'em Jewboy

Product Description:

From the vaults of the award-winning PBS Austin City Limits TV show, this is the latest release in the acclaimed Live From Austin, TX series.

Here it is: the only Austin City Limits program in over 30 years that has never aired on TV anywhere. For that matter, it s never even been seen anywhere, except by those lucky few who had access to a well-worn copy.

Kinky Friedman and The Texas Jewboys. Long before the Kinkster became a celebrated mystery writer in New York City, and waaay long before he became a candidate for Governor of the Great State of Texas, there was Kinky the country music singer and songwriter of the mid-1970 s. He was a paragon, a veritable pioneer of political incorrectness set to music, and there was nobody quite like him on the Austin music scene (or, for that matter, on the planet).

There he was on the Austin City Limits stage on November 11, 1975, in his finest rhinestone suit with fur-lined guitar strap, bounding through his entire catalogue of double-entendre ditties. The band never sounded better (nor looked, well, weirder). The audience loved every lyrically devilish twist. There was only one problem. They said it couldn t be aired. There s still some mystery about exactly who they were who made the decision to pull the show.

Visa fler dvd live-album.

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